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Paintball Canberra

Average Joes Playing Paintball


Just an average Joe playing paintball!

Most of our customers are just that. Average Joes. Just your average hard working father or mother, your average student or even retiree. These people arrive in all shapes and sizes and state of fitness, and they all leave thoroughly enthralled from the experience. Paintballing in Canberra has never been easier! Located just a quick 20 min drive from the Canberra CBD, Delta Force Paintball in Canberra is easily accessible and offers the best game zones and equipment the industry has to offer.

Average Joe

Bring your family and friends down to our centre for a session where you can step into a world where average doesn’t exist anymore. This day, you are a special force. All players are issued with the latest safety equipment which includes a full-length body suit with protective neck padding, extra torso protection, a full head helmet, an ammunition pack, and the reason you came here for… a semi-automatic paintball machine gun!

On arrival you’ll be given registration forms to complete and then you’ll head into base camp which will be your headquarters for the session. It’s here where the transformation from civilian to soldier occurs, and you can keep up-to-date with your team’s progress throughout the sessions play on the scoreboard.

The base camp is also where you can chill out from the heat of battle and discuss the rules of engagement and tactics for your next mission.  Enjoy lunch with your mates you ordered earlier or brought along. Or if you’re just playing chauffeur today, you can wait in comfort and safety for the troops to come back from combat.

Rest assured that your action-packed Canberra paintball adventure will be full of super-charged action thrills and spills. You’ll play on our incredible movie-themed game zones, including Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and the thrilling Prison Break, all of which will test the skills and abilities of all players.

Our experienced staff are friendly and will also be on hand to referee the games and give those essential tips to help you achieve all your objectives on the session. Our staff love what they do because they are all paintball enthusiasts themselves and will strive to generate excitement in the games and turn a placid crowd of average joes into raging warriors in no time.

The best part about paintball with us is that you don’t need any previous experience. The ‘average joe’ is very well suited to playing with us. It’s a great leveller as people of all fitness and skill levels can play as equals.

So for a thrilling experience at Canberra’s best paintball centre, round up your friends and get ready for what will be the highlight of the year!