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Delta Force Paintball Canberra

Delta Force Paintball Canberra

Come on a Delta Force Paintball adventure and experience the new revolution of paintball games. Movie-set scenarios, quality equipment and professional staff are just a few features you can expect on a day out at Canberra’s premier paintball centre. Bring a few friends or bring them all! Either way you’ll enjoy playing on our quality fields, many of which are new to Australian shores. We’ve invested heavily to make sure your action-packed paintball day with Delta Force is the safest and most comfortable yet, not to mention the most fun and exhilarating. You won’t be disappointed!

The largest paintball company in the world, Delta Force Paintball has paintball operations currently in Australia, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada. Managed and staffed by professionally trained personnel we excel in providing the safest and most thrilling day of paintball on the planet.

With the best equipment, the best game zones and the best paintball experience possible, it has to be Delta Force Paintball Canberra!