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MiniBall – Paintball For Kids


MiniBall paintball for kids – A new generation has arrived!

MiniBall, fun for the young at Delta Force Paintball CanberraWith the ACT firearms laws prohibiting anyone under the age of 16 years from playing paintball, there was a lot of very disappointed kids out there who were forced to watch their older siblings and friends play as they could only watch in dismay from the sidelines. We think you’d agree, not fair! Delta Force Paintball however, recognised this issue and researched possible solutions. The answer was MiniBall. After jumping through the right hoops, the worlds largest paintball operator succeeded in bringing MiniBall to Australia and we are proud of this achievement. Now, youngsters from across the ACT can now jump for joy in the news that paintball is no longer a sport reserved for their older siblings and adults. Thanks to revolutionary paintball technology players as young as 8 years old can now participate in MiniBall paintball sessions at Delta Force Paintball Canberra.

These young guns are outfitted with miniature combat suits, protective body armour, full head protection goggles and custom-designed paintball guns, all specifically for this purpose. The junior commando’s will be teamed up with, and against, children of similar ages in what is fast becoming the number one choice for junior birthday parties, school excursions and fun days out during the holidays.

MiniBall uses new technology with surprisingly effective, small calibre, pump-action shotguns that are powered without the use of compressed air – no more watching sadly on from the fence lines.

Located just 20 minutes from the Canberra CBD, Delta Force Paintball Canberra is proud to be the first ACT paintball operator to offer paintball games for the younger market. MiniBall is yet another Delta Force initiative aimed to improve the sport of paintball across Australia.

MiniBall players will arrive at 10:30am for check-in before they undergo a comprehensive safety brief. Fun is paramount but safety comes first, always. It is during the safety briefing that a player learns how the games are run and how the safety equipment works. Once the players are fully briefed they will be divided into even teams and then take to the battlefield. This arrival process normally takes 45 minutes, and players can expect to start playing around 11:00am.

We have four sessions of Miniball with session 1 + 2 running between 11:00 – 12:00, and session 3 + 4 running between 12:15 – 1: 15. There is a short 15-minute break in between so the kids can have some snacks , get re-hydrated and reload! Miniball includes energy charged paintball across 3 amazing game zones, with 2 games on each zone for a total of 6 action-packed missions. Each game zone has it’s own unique objective and this ensures the young guns are fully engaged and occupied throughout the session. Lunch time is around 1:30pm and you and your group are very welcome to bring your own food. Alternatively, you can pre-order delicious freshly cooked pizzas through your event coordinator over the phone before your game day.


Miniball Testimonial

This wonderful testimonial was sent in recently (Jun 2014) and we feel it describes what we are about very well.

Our experience was beyond excellent. The staff were so very friendly from the call centre people, to guy at the front door, to the people handing out the gear, to the marshals, to the girls at the counter. They made all of us feel like we were old friends. The kids had a fantastic time in the field, and the variety of games and scenarios kept them intrigued. They especially loved the Terminator and the zombies. The energy level of the staff was amazing and they related really well to all age levels. The certificates handed out at the end of the day were also highly prized by the recipients. We really appreciated the picnic tables and plenty of bins, and the efforts of the manager to stop my bags, etc being covered with paint spray from the field next to our table. I also appreciated the free tea making facilities….excellent touch for the people waiting around. My 20 yr old son also loved doing the mini ball with his 13 yr old brother. We will definitely be back for more….now that we know where it’s located. Thank you so much for a value-for-money experience which we will be telling all our friends about. My older son took some excellent photos and videos of the action which we really enjoyed watching at home. Anyway…we had a ball…a paint ball!!! Good luck and I hope you have wonderful success with your business. – Carolyn and Jayse M

To organise your next MiniBall paintball event and guarantee your child hosts the most exciting birthday party or fun day out this year then contact one of our event coordinators on 1300 798 336.