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Blend in with our paintball armour body suit!


Our full-length camouflage paintball armour body suit comes in a range of sizes and will protect your civilian clothes from the rigours of battle. They have been custom-made just for Delta Force to provide you with maximum comfort for your paintball experience with us.

The body suit has been designed with a padded protective collar for added comfort and safety and a fast release leg system to allow you to easily get in and out of the suit. These body suits are included as standard issue in all Delta Force packages.

Look and feel like a commando with our full-length camouflage body suit.

Be sure to get a group photo in front of one of the massive banners shortly after you suit-up and then at the end of the session before you return your gear. The before and after shots are usually a hilarious talking point for months to come.

We strongly recommend the use of our full length paintball combat suit, as it will significantly reduce the chance of any scratches, burns, bites, cuts, irritations, bruises or other direct contact injuries. There are naturally occurring hazards throughout our centres and wearing the full length combat suits will reduce the chance of injury.