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How it all began…

About Delta Force Paintball

Since its founding in the UK in the 1980s, paintball has undergone significant changes. Our three main goals were to increase the sport’s professionalism and enjoyment factor, enhance customer service, and ensure complete safety.

Following this, both the number of players and our list of paintball locations gradually increased. We paid close attention to the feedback we received from players and made significant investments in high-end gaming zones and top-notch gear. We quickly rose to the top of the industry, and we haven’t looked back.

With operations in Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and Canada, we have grown to become the largest paintball company in the world and have safely entertained over 5 million players and counting.

Come experience what all the excitement is about for yourself by having your next paintball party with us. Whether your group is hosting a corporate function, a birthday celebration, a buck’s or hen’s party, or just a get-together of friends, we have catered to all kinds of people and groups and are ready and waiting for you.

Come enjoy our action-packed, movie-inspired game zones as part of a Delta Force experience. Restore order at the neighboring prison in Prison Break or overrun the pyramid to seize the historic relic in Tomb Raider. Since playing on the best zones requires modern equipment, all of our packages include body armour, camouflage body suits, and full head helmets.

All of this leads to an amazing session where we’ll help you play with greater confidence than ever.

Having hosted royalty, A-list actors, top athletes, and numerous other celebrities, we know how to treat them like stars. We treat every customer who walks through our doors with the same care.

In Canberra, take advantage of Delta Force Paintball for the ultimate experience.

We are excited to share our enthusiasm with you.

A Day out at Delta Force Canberra